Video on Mantovani Macchine woodworking machinery

In this section you can find some of the videos regarding the machines for woodworking proposed by Mantovani. Thanks to the videos you can discover how to use the machines available for sale, you will receive important advice on the purchase of the machinery that best suits your needs and you will learn more about the world of Mantovani Macchine.

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Wood lathe testing with copier

In this video, an operator of Mantovani Macchine will show you the testing procedures of a wood lathe with a copier, a machine that allows you to shape and turn pieces of wood of different sizes with extreme precision and cleaning intervention. By relying on the copier installed on the machine it is possible to reproduce any element. To learn more, click Play!

Press testing for Orma LS3000 blockboard

In this video an operator of Mantovani Macchine shows in detail the operation of an Orma LS3000 block press, a machine with automatic loading and unloading with an idle roller conveyor, which guarantees, thanks to the pressure exerted, a durable bonding of wooden strips.

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