Post-sales assistance

Technical assistance for woodworking machinery

Mantovani Macchine intends to follow the customer throughout the journey, from the choice of the most suitable machine to his needs, to maintenance (thanks to the supply of spare parts) and to after-sales technical assistance.

In fact, we are fully aware of how important it is for the customer to find the perfect machine for his woodworking needs; but we also know that it is important, in order to offer a truly complete and comprehensive service, to know how to intervene when that machine does not work perfectly. This is why Mantovani Macchine, in addition to selling new and used machinery of the best brands available on the market, also deals with after-sales technical assistance on recently purchased products, both new and used. For us, this is the only way to offer a truly complete, effective and guaranteed service.

How does the technical assistance service work?

The after-sales service is an exclusive service dedicated to the needs of the customer who finds problems in the malfunctioning of a machine purchased. If the machine or the woodworking equipment stops working optimally, for any reason, a company technician is always ready to intervene to fix the problems in a timely and effective manner. Our expert company staff is in fact ready to intervene on every machine in such a way:

  • rapid
  • on time
  • sure
  • effective.

This is because we can count on a team of highly specialized technicians and prepared according to the highest industry standards, as well as constantly updated. Mantovani Macchine also takes care of the after-sales service for all its products in full compliance with the current safety regulations for machinery and the needs expressed by the customer.

Do you need the intervention of a specialized technician?

If you need the intervention of a specialized technician to repair or adjust a machine or equipment for processing wood recently purchased in our store in Italy, you can contact us using one of the following channels:

Telephone and Fax: +39 0376 838383

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