Model: AURIGA versione 1303/1304/1307/1308

By concentrating on the essential features, the HOLZ-HER AURIGA series unifies compact design with a high degree of automation.

The optimized "Glu jet" application system on the HOLZ-HER machines ensures perfect edge appearance. With its unique hybrid technology, this unit ensures perfect interaction between glue, edging and panel material. The GluJet system ensures easy use of EVA or PUR glues in cartridge or granulate form and with its short heat-up time of only 3 minutes and low energy consumption when remelting the glue, it also helps preserve your resources.

High performance jointing and copy cutter units augment the processing range for the AURIGA series. The above-average productivity and top features make this series the best in its class. In this way, HOLZ-HER sets the standard for modern cabinet makers.


The compact class from HOLZ-HER with the designation AURIGA 1303 offers top edgebanding up to 60 mm and perfect finish. This machine fits anywhere 3.9 m of space are available.

The AURIGA 1303 offers a gluing station, pressure unit, trimming unit, multifunction cutter unit and a choice of two finishing units consisting of radius scraper, flat scraper and buffer.


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