Working center MASTER 5



5-axis machining center for the production of furniture parts, furniture, bars and shopspaneled interior doorsinterior doors with solid elements, elements for stairs, also offers the possibility of working thick and solid elements and fixtures through systems clamps for gripping elementsIt can be equipped with an automatic positioning system and quick-change devices holding the workpiece on the work surface.


  • Machining of solid wood for the production of window frames, staircases and solid elements
  • Independently motorized automatic positioning of the work plan

Dati tecnici

  25 WF          25 WF XL    25 WF XXL
Campo di lavoro  X  3300 mm   4800 mm   6700 mm
Campo di lavoro  Y

1550 mm

Passaggio pezzo 

300 mm

Potenza elettromandrino

14 kW (19 Hp)

Mandrini a forare

Std (Opt)

5 (12) verticali
2 (4) orizzontali in X
2 (2) orizzontali in Y

Cambio utensili 

fino a 36 utensili

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