Model: TECTRA SERIE 6120

Beam saw TECTRA Series: The adaptable panel saws with the high performance spectrum

In times of highly specific customer requirements and low production quantities, custom solutions are required to achieve the synergistic effects of horizontal panel saws combined with intelligent charging equipment. As with the TECTRA 6120 lift, charging is possible using an integrated lifting table system or on the TECTRA 6120 power, direct charging to the machine from a horizontal storage facility. For maximum performance requirements, the TECTRA 6120 dynamic model allows the pressure beam saw to be charged with new panels from storage even while the previous cutting operation is still in progress, without interrupting the current sawing cycle.

Thanks to its high acceleration values and feed rates, the horizontal panel saw TECTRA 6120 can process even large quantities of panels rationally. This versatile saw is available with various cutting lengths and cutting widths, allowing it to be adapted to highly varying applications as a custom solution.

Technical Data at a Glance

 6120 ClassicOptions

Drives, basic machine

Cutting length x cutting width (mm) 3,100 x 3,100
3,900 x 3,100
4,400 x 3,100
Max. saw blade projection (mm) 82  

Sawing unit

Motor output (kW) 11.0  
Saw blade dia. (mm) 350 x 4.4 x 30  
Rotary speed (rpm) 1,000 - 4,070 1,000 - 5,000

Scoring unit

Motor output (kW) 2.2  
Saw blade dia. (mm) 180 x 4.4/5.4 x 30  
Rotary speed (rpm) 1,000 - 5,400 1,000 - 6,500

Postforming unit

Motor output (kW)   2.2
Saw blade dia. (mm)   280 x 4.4/3.0 x 30
Rotary speed (rpm)    

Saw carriage

Feed rate (m/min) 0 - 100  
Return rate (m/min) 130  

Rip fence

Feed rate (m/min) 0 – 25 (infinite)  
Return rate (m/min) 100  

Workpiece clamps

Clamp opening dimensions 57  
Cutting length 3,100 mm 5 Each Max. 2 additional
Cutting length 3,900 / 4,400 mm 6 Each Max. 3 additional

Air cushion tables

Cutting length 3,100 / 3,900 / 4,400 mm 3 Each 1 / 2 Additional air cushion tables 1,800 / 2,400 mm

Operation and control

CUTCONTROL 2 control,
19" TFT display,
Windows operating system
19" Touchscreen

Optimization software



 Technical Data

Weight (kg)

5,000 - 6,700

Compressed air

Operating pressure (bars) 6
Air consumption NL/cutting cycle 32


Basic machine connection dia. (mm) 1 x 120
Pressure beam connection dia. (mm) 3 x 120 mm
Evacuation capacity (m²/h) 4,500 m³/h
Air velocity (m/sec) 30 m/sec
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